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Design/ed in MN

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Design. Education. Minnesota. To these three I remain true.

Lately I've been having many discussions about the state of design and (design) education in Minnesota. I'm finding myself in endless meetings (HELP!) where our discussions circle around the changes happening or needing to happen in these worlds, respectively. In academia, they're trying to define design, and its many spin-offs: design thinking, social impact design, user experience design, experience design, interactive/-tion design, service design, etc. In industry, they're working to keep up with the demands and reframe their services to fulfill these needs, so as to keep their clients happy and themselves in business. And me? I just want to do. I want to teach our students skills that are endlessly applicable, in an increasingly medium-agnostic world. I want to create experiences that are sustainable, usable, and enjoyable. And I want to be a loving wife, supportive mom, and engaging friend while I do it.

Couple this with wanting to feel like I'm making progress on something (not some idea of a thing), and you get this long-overdue website.  I've made it live—even tweeting it!—to be sure I'm held accountable to making timely progress. There's a lot going on in design and education in Minnesota, and I want to be in the middle of it. I just don't want to be stuck.


Daily discipline

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The thought of a daily routine can be depressing or it can be energizing. Very rarely does it fall somewhere in-between. 

As a second-time new mom, I've been on semi-maternity leave since March 7 when I wrapped up an intense 7-week semester at the U. Although I was still finishing up some contract work, I had a minimal daily routine. Now, with a new baby in tow, I've got a very well-defined routine: feed, keep awake, put to sleep. It's incredibly stimulating and conducive to getting work done. (Not).

Headed to the library every afternoon for my daily routine.

Rather than sit around watching bad daytime television while my two-year old is at daycare or Grandpa's (THANK YOU!) , I'm going to commit to using this time to put renewed focus on my discipline and truly practice what I preach. Instead of thinking about things, I'm going to do them—or at least write about them. Instead of worrying about putting forth the perfect words or pixels, I'm going to publish at all stages. Hopefully, instead of thinking I did nothing all summer, I'll see the progress I've made and perhaps know a little bit more about where I'm headed in the future.

Stay tuned to see if this new routine is one I loathe, or one I love. I'm hoping it's the latter.